Good evening.

I'm Lee Johnson, a web expert in Lancashire, with 15 years of online marketing experience in SEO & GEO location techniques that will empower you.

I'm Available For Hire.

Why choose me?

I'll Drive Enquiries.

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I will provide you with a search engine dynamic website, which includes GEO location landing pages that will drive enquiries and lead generation to your business. I will guide you through the entire experience, ensuring it's effortless and that you will quickly start generating new business with your newly optimised website.

I'll Keep It Simple.

Lots of businesses get confused when attempting to hire a web expert that they just give up altogether and don't hire anyone. Part of the dilemma is that they simply don't know whom to trust for this service.

Confidence is always a tricky issue and one that is emotionally charged based on our individual experiences with others as we navigate through the maze we call life.

I promise to educate.

SEO training

My principal goal is to empower all clients so that they understand what I will do to engage the search engines for the long term and not just for a quick win.

It's imperative that you know what website optimisation techniques are critical and what you can do yourself and how I will go about making your site fit for Google's algorithms.

I'll give you peace of mind that I will ensure I work for you as if I was a member of your staff using my online marketing experience to your benefit.

I'll Improve Market Share.

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If your website is standing still, you need assistance. If you don't have an online marketing strategy, then you will almost certainly be missing out on potential revenue.

I have the skill-set to improve your online presence and ensure that your business goes from strength to strength online and grows for many years to come.

I'll GEO target your site.

With local search results taking more precedent and with more searches being made on mobile devices, it has never been more essential to have an effective local search campaign up and running to its maximum potential, so you do not miss out on website traffic and more importantly, business from customers.

GEO location map

I have an in-house GEO location web-page system that will collaborate with any website and build any desired pages that include your primary keywords and areas.

The pages will be designed to look like any web page that you have so the pages match the look you desired look and fit with the feel of your business branding.

Get in touch to find out about the website GEO location system; it's not as expensive as the may think; the returns are HUGE !

Report On Improved Rankings.

Google Rankings Report

It is important for me to know that you understand how your website is performing so I will update your website rankings weekly for you. I have built an ingenious system that that will be added to your website so that you can view your Google rankings when its convenient for you.

Here's an example of what your report will look like: (This can be added to the site to make life easier to understand how your website is performing on Google). Get in touch today to find out more.

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